Saturday, September 3, 2011

Traffic-Induced Beauty Purchases

I've forgotten how terrible traffic is in the Metro. I've also forgotten that yesterday is a Friday and taking a taxi cab anywhere from one point in the Metro to another during prime traffic hours is sheer suicide. This, I guess, is what happens when a person works the night shift. I've gotten used to the light flow of traffic and the fast commute. So, in a burst of stupidity, I thought that my regular work commute would be much faster if I took a cab. Dumb move. I was in a cab for almost 2 hours. Suffice it to say that I was not one happy passenger, thank goodness Mr. Cabbie Driver was very patient.

To shake off my bad mood, I headed to the nearest beauty store and broke my No-Buy pact. Here's what came home with me:
  • Ever Bilena's Matte l/s in Pink Flame
  • Fashion 21 Red Romance l/s in Miss Valentine
  • Nichido minerals/spot concealer in Beige
Inexpensive goodies, all of which are lemmings created by constantly patrolling the GirlTalk (GT) forum (I really shouldn't make it a habit to visit that site; extremely bad for the wallet). I'll post pictures of these in a bit.

P.S. I tried out Pink Flame when I got home. It's a true mid-toned pink, not too bright and not too muted. Lovely, wearable shade. My initial impression of it is that it's non-drying which is great news for a matte lippie. 


  1. Cool purchase! PICTURES PLEASE! HAHA :)

  2. @Bee - will post later, promise. =) I just have to visit a sick uncle first.