Monday, August 1, 2011

Cheap Thrill #1: Glam Works Lip and Cheek Stain

This little thing called out to me as I was standing in line, waiting to pay for my drinks, at Watson’s (a local drugstore). I saw the rose printed on the cardboard box and the lip and cheek tint label and thought, ‘What the heck. It’s cheap enough.’ And so, the purchase was made.

It comes in a clear, round plastic pot typical of most glosses, nothing fancy, and in a generous 10g weight.

the product in its packaging

 Admittedly, I didn’t expect much from the product. I have a teenage niece who is quite fond of using a lip tint (although this isn’t what she’s using, she opts for another brand). I’ve noticed that while it does stain her lips, it seemed to be quite drying. She isn’t complaining, though, and uses her lip tint all the time. I have insufferably dry lips that are worsened by the cold, dry office air I’m exposed to eight hours a day at work, so lip tints were something I avoided.

Purchasing this was my way of dipping my toes into the world of lip tints. If it works for me, good. I’ll be sharing the news with people I know and those who care enough to read this blog. =) If it doesn’t work, I can always give it to my niece.

I’ve tried applying the product using my pinkie/ring finger and with a lip brush. Both give good results although I do get more precision with a brush. The product itself has the consistency of a hardened gloss which makes finger application easy (the product wouldn’t get smooshed) and gives me control as to how much I want to use or pick up. It is castor-oil and wax-based and lightly scented with strawberry. Picky noses will detect that the strawberry scent isn’t enough to mask the waxy smell. The first time I sniffed it, it reminded me of old-school lippies (Revlon lipsticks used to have a waxy smell, too), but it doesn’t really bother me. It glides well enough and sometimes I can even get away without using any mirror when I apply this.

Unlike most lip tints that come in gel or liquid form, this one’s glossy. In fact, it could actually pass as a gloss, except that once the glossiness has dissipated, you’ll be left with a lovely stain of color. This is a big plus as most glosses have ‘short lives’. =) The glossiness stays on for well over an hour, and then once the emolliency is gone, I’m left with a lovely bright rosy stain on my lips (I got the strawberry red variant). After a few hours, I did need to layer lip balm on top to prevent dryness. But upon initial application, this is moisturizing enough for me.

Here it is applied with a brush. Notice the glossiness.

(blurry pic) the product applied with my pinkie finger. Still emollient.

A clearer shot of the lip tint finger applied. You get all-over color that isn't too done.

 How I use this lip tint:

  • I like pairing this with a more ‘done’ eye design (a design that includes 4 shadows at least + liner and mascara) as the stain makes the overall look more casual. 
  • This is also good for those days when I just don’t feel like putting anything on or if I’m in a hurry. This lip tint + blush + eyebrow color = I’m good to go. 
  • You could also use this as a base over similar colored lip products. I applied this then layered a bright rose lipstick and the stain gave my lips an even color even though the lipstick itself has worn off. 
  • And, finally, you could line your lips with a neutral pencil then layer this product (the glossiness helps a lot). It will meld with the neutral color of the liner and leave you with rosy brown or rosy beige color depending on how brown or beige your liner is.
 I’ve noticed that lip tints do not come in a huge array of colors, usually only 2 or even 3 at the most (If you think there’s a line that offers a huge range, let me know please. I’d like to look it over.) and this is no exception. This comes in only two variants a strawberry red and a pink one.

There is one drawback, though. One of the preservatives it uses is methylisothiazolinone. This preservative is used mostly in rinse-off products (shampoos and conditioners for example) because it can be too sensitizing or irritating when left on skin. In fact, I wonder why they had to include this when they already have other preservatives that do not have these issues. Personally, I have not experienced any irritation but those who have sensitive skin should be wary. 

I forgot the exact price (will add this later, promise) but if you're looking to try lip tints and do not care to spend much then this is an option you might like to try. I've used mine regularly since I bought it.
'Til my next post!

Product ingredients: Ricinus communis (Castor) seed oil, Candellilla wax, Ozokerite, Yellow No. 4 (CI No. 19140:1), D&C Red No. 7 (CI No. 15850:1), D&C Red No. 21 Al Lake, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Isopropyl Myristate, Flavor, Titanium Dioxide, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Copernicia cerifera (Carnauba) was, Iron Oxide Black (CI No. 77499), Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E), Methylisothiazolinone, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylated Hydroxytoluene, Mica, CI 77891 (Titanim Dioxide)


  1. good post!
    methylisothiazolinone is basically a stable preservative and therefore used in lipstick in regulated dosage. Lipstick can be very unstable-it can crystallize if not properly preserved. :) thus, sometime, I wonder why 1 company claims that their lipsticks do not have preservative? so how do they stabilize that and prevent bacteria from growing?

  2. Hi happy!

    Thank you for visiting my blog. =)

    Yes, methylisothiazolinone is a stable preservative but can be irritating when it stays too long on the skin, which is why it is best used for rinse off products. (I have skin as tough as carabao hide so this doesn't'bother me much, but others might not be as resistant.)

    I wonder the same thing when I read about lipsticks or lip products without preservatives, as they're basically creamy and have a limited shelf life. A lack of preservative would really limit its usage and make it go stale even sooner.

  3. The price is around Php 150 is I am not mistaken. I was surprised to see such cheap lip and cheek tint looks to be non-drying but I checked the ingredients at the back and: "Eeeek! Parabens!"

    My little new world:

  4. @My name is chien - Hi again. I just came back after a quick visit to Watson's. The price for this is PhP 75.00. Good no? =)

    I don't mind the parabens so much. I'm more concerned with the methylisothiazolinone. Between the 2, the latter has a documented history of irritation. But of course, personal preference matters most. =)