Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cheap Thrill #3: Nichido True Colors Powder Blush

A few of my favorite blushes come from a local brand, Nichido. At first glance, you might not think much of them since they come in as basic-as-can-be matte black, round, plastic packaging.

blushes from Nichido

 Looking beyond its plain aesthetic, these blushes are a great find.   They come in about 6-8 variants of color, most of which are suitable for fair to dark skin colors. The texture is one that I'm partial to: matte yet not chalky. Its pigmentation is perfect: not too pigmented that I get clown cheeks and not too sheer that it needs three layers.  They apply smoothly and evenly using a regular blush brush. And the product size is equally good, 4 grams per pot. Depending on frequency of use and amount used, this can last anywhere from 5 months to a year. Wear time is decent, lasting a good 4 hours on me before needing a touch-up.  

I have 3 of these at the moment: Cool Rum, Blushing Pink, and Sunkissed.  

Cool Rum, amongst the 3, has been a staple for me for almost 5 years and counting. It's a great mid-toned peachy-tan color that goes with almost any lip color, from warm toffees to neutral berries to cool shades of pinks and blue reds. My skin tone is light, but not fair, and I find that this shade warms up my face and prevents me from looking anaemic. The other lovely thing about this is it still suits me even when i have bouts of facial redness. When pink and peach blushes fail me and make me look like I'm running a fever, Cool Rum counteracts and downplays the redness of my face. 

Cool Rum in the pan

Cool Rum arm swatched

Cool Rum applied. See, it works even with cool toned lipsticks. =)

Another shot just so you can see the color on the side of my face,

Blushing Pink is a recent discovery, but it's fast becoming a favorite. It's a very subtle, soft, peach-pink blush that has enough warmth to it. If your idea of a blushing pink is a ruddy pink (think how most Caucasian women blushes) then this IS NOT IT. Instead, I've personally found that it gives me just enough color and it's perfect for those occasions when I don't want to look too made up but still want to look healthy. This is a great option for fair to light skinned women.  

Blushing Pink in the pan.

Blushing Pink arm swatched.
Blushing Pink is the color that's just right. Not obvious at all.

Sunkissed was the last blush item I acquired from the line. In the pan, it's a soft warm red with a subtle coral undertone. Not my usual cup of tea color wise. So, I hemed and hawed before using it only to realize that it's actually very flattering. Now, this is the blush color I use if I want to have rosy cheeks. In fact, this is the cheek color I used for my Snow White and the Huntsman inspired look.  Brushed on the skin it gives a naturally flushed, healthy look, not two bright garish stripes. Of the three this has the most pigment.So for instances when I want to apply this sheerly, I use a stippling brush.

Sunkissed in the pan.

Sunkissed arm swatched.

Applied. This is also my Snow White and the Huntsman inspired makeup look. I got lazy and decided not to do any more shots. =P

This does have a few downsides. Downside number 1 is the the powdery residue/fallout I get every time I swipe the product with a brush. I'm suspecting that this happens because the powder is not as tightly pressed as it should be. I can blow out the fall out, but I just find it wasteful. Of the 3, Sunkissed has the most fallout followed by Cool Rum.

Nichido should press these powders more tightly. That would help lessen the fallout.

Downside number 2 is its casing. Currently, it's housed in a pot with a screw cap top that has a clear plastic lid on top. The clear lid is useful as I can see the color immediately, but the screw on cap tends to be too much of a hassle, especially in instances when I'm in a hurry. It would be much better if this would be repackaged with a flip top cap instead.

This is from an earlier review. They could keep the matte black round casing but replace it with a flip top.

Application is pretty straight forward. I simply tap a blush brush onto the product, then I swirl and gently 'smoosh' the brush on the lid to pack the color onto the bristles. Then, I brush it on my cheeks.

See how much product is on the 'ends' of the brush?

'Smoosh' and swirl.

Et voila! Ready for application. =D

From looking at the ingredients, this product has been reformulated with the addition of silicones. Personally, I think it's a good sign that a company keeps up with technology and reformulates its products accordingly. At P88.00 this is a very good and inexpensive product to consider adding to your girly stash.

Nichido is available at most health and beauty stores nation wide. 

Product ingredients: 
Talc, Mica, Cyclomethicone, Dimethiconol, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Stearate, Paraffinum Liquidum, Isopropyl Myristate, Methylparaben, Propylparaben


  1. All three shades look good on you! One of my first blushes came from Nichido too.

    1. Awww, that's sweet of you Dawn/Liz. Thank you for dropping by and commenting. =)