Friday, July 22, 2011

Hello there!


You are one of the few people I feel brave enough to share my new blog with. This blog, La Vita Est Bella, has been something that I’ve been dreaming to do for so long. 

Why the loooong blog name? I chose it over other possible names (a friend suggested ‘Kikay Machine’ which I find totally hilarious!) because I think it encapsulates a lot of what I think is beautiful: a face devoid of retouching (well, maybe a couple of facial hair is exempt), beauty in the ordinary, simple things that have the power to change my perspective (the sound of children laughing, or heck even the smell of freshly baked bread), embracing imperfection yet still accepting the possibility of doing tweaks (but in moderation, you can’t alter yourself too much and still be the same), making the most of what I have, seeing possibilities, or, in short, all the things that make life not only bearable but BEAUTIFUL for me. Hence the name La Vita Est Bella: A celebration of life and of beauty.

Primarily, it will be a beauty blog of sorts. If you know me (and I think majority of you do), I am a makeup enthusiast. Have always been one since I was little. My earliest memories of makeup involved watching my Mom in silent awe as she ‘put on’ her face before going to work. As is the norm with beauty blogs, you’ll be seeing my ‘Face of the Day’ or FOTD (and, if I have time and willing models, other people who will be sporting the same ‘face’), product reviews, lemmings (that is a makeup addict’s slang for something she wants very, very, VERY BADLY), techniques I’ve learned,  and other related topics. Most importantly, I’ll try to incorporate as much consumer awareness/advocacy information here. Where I live, consumer advocacy ranges from extremely limited to none at all, which is dispiriting. This is not to say that I am an expert on all things beauty related; I’m not. Saying that would be a complete lie. But I do plan to share what I’ve read and researched through more than two decades of being a makeup addict. Plus, it’s a lot more fun, too. =) 

Beyond that, I’ll also be posting a smattering of things, thoughts, and events that make me smile. Photos (I’m dipping my feet slowly into this), artworks, music, even poetry and short stories, may find its way into this blog. 

Oh, and before I forget, you need to know that I am an equal opportunity makeup enthusiast. I give equal love and attention to both low-end and high-end (if I can afford it) stuff. As long as they give me the results that I want, I do not discriminate. This blog will cater to both ends of the spectrum. 

Let me end this introductory post with a toast: To all of you, to beauty, to life.



  1. finally! congrats and good luck blogging! sounds exciting especially for a make-up-moron like me :D. Looking forwards to your tips and tutorials!

  2. hellow.congrats to your blog!!!